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Employee training and upskilling

Training the workforce of the future

We invest in the education, training and upskilling of our employees to align their professional goals and interests with the success of our company. Attracting and retaining the right talent is paramount to our success.
Moody's U
Launched in February 2022, Moody’s University (Moody’s U) offers a new framework for employees and leaders to upskill, train and practice everything from leadership development to business-specific technical skills.

Our training programs include:
  • Enterprise Skills Academy, which helps develop essential professional skills;
  • Leadership Academy, which teaches leaders how to be adaptable and resilient;
  • MA Academy, which focuses on people and products to drive the establishment of vocations by aligning learning to job families;
  • MIS Academy, which focuses on Lean Six Sigma literacy andprovides ESG training and certification.
We evaluate the effectiveness of our learning programs through a number of approaches, including skills assessment tools, focus groups, surveys and needs assessments deployed at the individual, team and business-unit levels. The findings from these assessments help make the initiatives more useful and actionable.
Training by numbers
The continued impact of the pandemic affected training activity. For example, average hours decreased, in part, due to non-essential training being paused or reduced to align with business objectives and prioritize employee well-being.
1 Data includes hours captured in Moody's University and online training programs related to topics such as compliance, professional development and diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, leadership development hours are included in 2020 onwards
Creating leaders through virtual upskilling
Building a strong leadership pipeline is paramount to our company’s continued success. Key elements include:
  • Strategic Alignment, addressing business-driven needs, aligning learning and development solutions to advance our strategy as an integrated risk assessment organization and building the skills of the future;
  • Performance Management: Grow, Perform, Succeed, Aims to build a culture of growth by evolving career and growth conversations to cover not only what can be done to be successful, but also how to do it;
  • Career Journey, concentrating on growth and defining developmental pathways within the organization;
  • Talent Acceleration, building a strong talent pipeline, from early career opportunities to accelerating the development of high-performing diverse talent across Moody's; and
  • Learning Culture, Driven by innovation and growth, to build a learning culture through content creation, delivery and measurement.
Business and skills-specific programs
We aim to build a strong talent pipeline, develop diversity and expose participants to senior leadership.
  • Cornell FinTech & Innovation Program: Our first cohort of 40 employees successfully completed this five-month program, developed in partnership with Cornell University, to further their understanding of fintech and develop leading innovation and ideation skills.
  • Credit Academy: In 2021, over 250 junior MIS employees signed on to jump-start their skill development through Credit Academy, which includes onboarding, job readiness and career progression training across the full set of skills required of analysts.
  • Sales training: We launched a comprehensive sales training program to support more than 1,200 sales professionals in developing industry, customer and product knowledge (including technical and security matters).
  • Rotational programs: We launched a new rotational Data Science Development Program, and we are going to expand the two-year early-career MA Technical Rotation Program (MATR) to include opportunities for employees across Moody’s.
Employees pursuing higher education can also take advantage of educational assistance that reimburses them for job-related educational costs.

ESG training

To continue helping our customers solve the most complex problems of our time, we are training our employees with deep domain expertise in ESG in subjects like climate risk and new ESG developments in our solutions. In 2021, we published live and recorded trainings that covered risk assessments, EU Taxonomy, UN SDGs, ESG financial markets, green bonds, climate-risk scenarios and many more. In 2022, we rolled out an all-employee modular training on sustainability and ESG.