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Learning and development
Moody’s University
Moody’s University, our enterprise-wide learning and upskilling program, offers employees and leaders training in the areas of enterprise-wide skills, leadership development, business-specific technical skills and core capability development.

Our learning programs are focused on the following areas:
  • Enterprise Skills Academy is responsible for developing essential, customized professional skills to increase employee effectiveness in collaborating, communicating and influencing.
  • Leadership Academy develops manager and leader learning materials that support our leaders to be more change-ready, resilient and agile in an increasingly complex environment.
  • MA Academy, with its dual focus on people and products, helps drive the establishment of “vocation” by aligning learning to job families.
  • MIS Academy is responsible for the training and certification of all analytical and commercial staff globally. In addition, it supports foundational programs on credit and financial markets, external and internal speaker sessions and training for strategically aligned global programs across MIS.
Our training in practice
1  The data represents approximately 90% of employees (excludes certain nonwholly owned subsidiaries and newly acquired companies not integrated in Moody’s IT systems). Data includes hours captured in the Moody’s University and centralized online training programs, related to completed training on topics such as compliance, professional development and diversity, equity and inclusion. There are other training programs not captured in the scope of this metric, like professional certifications, on the job learning, and other learning events not administered through Moody’s University.
2  The training activity continued to decrease in 2022 due to a continued move to online training, including a focus on shorter training duration. In addition, some employees returned to the office and needed to adjust to a new schedule.
3  Officer-level data is calculated using the job categories: executives, senior managers, mid-level managers and first-level managers.
4  2020 and 2021 training expenditure metrics were restated due to a change in methodology and to include nonwholly owned subsidiaries.
Curated learning experiences
Moody’s University has more than 80 playlists with 4,000+ followers. They include:
  • Leader playlists featuring executive and senior leadership sharing business knowledge to support our strategic and operational initiatives.
  • Thematic playlists focused on skills development and professional development in areas including data and data science, agility and adaptability, ESG, business etiquette and communication.
  • Role-based curated experiences, including role-focused skills development journeys, focused on project management and process improvement.
Business and skills-specific programs
  • Cornell Sustainable Innovation Program: A five-month program, developed with Cornell University, that targets cohorts of 40 mid-level managers and promotes entrepreneurial thinking and value creation through digital transformation.
  • Tech and engineering upskilling: Detailed job competency and skills mapping for technical and data job families, and curated associated learning paths drawing on the array of extensive learning resources available across Moody’s.
  • MIS analyst training and certification program: Provides the training required to establish foundational business acumen and prepare for successful completion of the Analyst Certification Exam.
  • Credit masterclass: MIS Academy and the MIS Global Credit Council together offer an eight-course series covering topics spanning the credit landscape, including global and regionally specific sessions.
  • Credit innovations: Offers training on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance and cyber risk.

ESG training

We offer extensive ESG training programs to help employees develop careers as ESG professionals, including:
  • Sustainability and ESG Training Series: An internal sustainability and ESG training series to promote a deeper understanding of our sustainability efforts among our employees. The series covers a broad range of sustainability topics, from environmental issues to human rights.
  • MIS ESG Certification: The ESG Training and Certification Program is designed to provide analysts with the core training they need in order to assess a credit’s exposure to E, S and G factors.
  • ESG Data Analytics: A comprehensive upskilling program aiming to accelerate the transition of our teams from ESG data collectors to skilled ESG analysts.