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Employee attraction and engagement

We invest in our people at every stage of the employee life cycle to build and retain an adaptive, engaged, diverse and inclusive workforce.

Listening to and learning from our employees
Each year, we encourage our employees to provide anonymous and candid feedback through our Business Engagement Survey (BES). We use the feedback we received through the BES as a vital input into making decisions to improve our employee experience. At the same time, we are constantly looking to improve our employee experience and recognize that we can do more.
Business Engagement Survey results1
1 The data represents approximately 90% of employees (excludes certain nonwholly owned subsidiaries and newly acquired companies which are not integrated in Moody’s IT systems and therefore the survey was not distributed to them). Employees participating in employee engagement surveys in 2022 - 85%; 2021 - 84%, 2020 - 86%.
2 Employee engagement score is an average of two items: “How happy are you at Moody’s?” and “Would you recommend Moody’s?”
3 Survey third-party service provider’s global benchmark is based on cross-client, cross-industry and cross-country company data from well over 700 organizations and over 150 countries.
4 The favorability score is the average percentage of employees who agree Moody’s takes a genuine interest in their well-being. Global benchmark for the well-being favorability score is not available.

Working to remain an employer of choice

We are a people-driven company, and attracting and retaining the right talent is paramount to successfully executing our business strategy.
Improvements to our recruitment process
  • Adding functionality to our career site that enables us to host and market recruitment events
  • Launching an internal mobility website for our employees to better view career opportunities within the organization
  • Continuing to drive recruiter usage of our candidate relationship management system to help us build diverse talent pipelines
  • Undertaking an extensive review of our employee referral program and updating the program to make it easier for our employees to refer people in their network to apply at Moody’s
New employee hires1
Early careers and rotational programs
We have a number of early career and rotational programs that allow recent graduates to explore their interests and build their skills, while also gaining exposure to potential careers at Moody’s. These programs include MIS Early Careers, MA Graduate Program, our Global Summer Internship Program and our Working Students roles.
participants were enrolled in our rotational programs in 2022. Among that group, five individuals became Moody’s employees after graduation.
1  Excludes hires through acquisition

Managing our workforce performance1

GPS encompasses all aspects of performance management, including dynamic objective setting, performance evaluations and continuous feedback. It allows employees to navigate their Moody’s careers with a set of shared success factors and a qualitative rating scale that measures both business outcomes and behaviors, driving business results and building a culture of growth. This framework also helps tie individual objectives to our broader Moody’s scorecard objectives, in order for our workforce to focus on efforts that support our strategic agenda.

In 2022, 99% of employees received a performance and career development review via GPS.2
Our performance management Approach — termed Grow, Perform, Succeed (GPS) — emphasizes our commitment to employee growth and development.