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Corporate governance
Our Board of Directors oversees Moody’s management and overall strategy — including the advancement of our sustainability strategy.
The Executive Leadership Team, which is composed of the CEO and his direct reports, serves as the decision-making body for key strategic sustainability efforts, with oversight from three committees of the Board of Directors. Senior Management, composed of the Executive Leadership Team’s direct reports, is responsible for identifying and implementing sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related risks and opportunities into their respective strategies.
Audit Committee

Oversees financial, risk, accounting and other disclosures made in our annual and quarterly reports related to sustainability and supports the Board in its duties related to the oversight of risk assessment and risk management processes.

Governance & Nominating Committee

Oversees sustainability matters related to the business and to long-term value creation and makes recommendations to the Board regarding these issues.

COmpensation & Human Resources Committee

Reviews introduction of sustainability-related performance goals for determining compensation of all senior executives.

Prioritizing strong board composition

Board experience and skills1
1  As of April 1, 2023.