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Reports & Policies
2022 Stakeholder Sustainability Report
Learn about the steps Moody’s took last year to build a Better Business, support Better Lives, and offer Better Solutions.
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Build your custom Stakeholder Sustainability Report
Moody's is delighted to provide this interactive tool which creates customized sustainability reports. This tool is designed to allow viewers to select and compile information in a personalized format.
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Moody's 2022 TCFD Report
Read about our climate leadership and progress on transitioning to net-zero.
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Moody’s SASB Report adopts machine-readable XBRL Format 
Moody’s collaborated with XBRL US, pilot machine-readable sustainability disclosures.
Moody’s receives ‘Best ESG Reporting (large-cap)’ award from IR Magazine  
The company was recognized for its transparency and strong portfolio of Sustainability and ESG reports.


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