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Employee health and well-being

Our global well-being strategy

We offer our employees a comprehensive range of programs with resources and support for physical, mental and financial well-being and we support flexible work arrangements.

We believe it is essential to...

Create a workplace where employees feel valued and inspired
Provide an environment that fosters a culture of independence, inclusion and intellectual leadership
Support peer collaboration and professional growth
Employee well-being insights
Each year, we encourage our employees to provide anonymous and candid feedback through our Business Engagement Survey (BES).
We use the feedback we received through the BES as a vital input into making decisions to improve our employee experience. At the same time, we are constantly looking to improve our employee experience and recognize that we can do more.
Business engagement survey1
Employee perceptions of the company’s culture are mostly positive, as are their views on the company’s approach to inclusion and well-being.
1  The data represents approximately 90% of employees (excludes certain non-wholly-owned subsidiaries and newly acquired companies which are not integrated in Moody's IT systems and therefore the survey was not distributed to them). Employees participating in employee engagement surveys in 2021 - 84%, 2020 - 86%, 2019 - 87%
2  Employee engagement score is an average of two items: “How happy are you at Moody’s?” and “Would you recommend Moody’s?”
3  The favorability score is the average percentage of employees who agree Moody's takes a genuine interest in their well-being. Global benchmark for the well-being favorability score is not available.
4  Inclusion score is an average of item: “leaders in my line of business value different perspectives."
5  Survey third-party service provider’s global benchmark is based on cross-client, cross-industry and cross-country company data from well over 700 organizations and over 150 countries.
Healthy remote work1
To promote well-being during the pandemic, a number of teams participated in “No Meeting Fridays” and coordinated holiday weeks or time off. Employees at assistant vice president (AVP)-level or below received a stipend to help improve their ability to work remotely, and all employees received a year-end “well-being allowance” to use at their discretion to support mental or physical well-being.
Looking ahead, we are adapting our operations in a way that better serves the needs of our employees, our business and our customers. The “Workplace of the Future” project, initiated in 2020, is enhancing our technology and IT infrastructure and implementing an enhanced flexible work model that will allow increased part- and full-time remote work that may allow us to reduce office space, employee commuting and business travel over the long term.
1  Refers to employees on Moody's payroll.

Moody's Moments that Matter

Our virtual well-being series, Moody’s Moments that Matter, provides employees with education and empowerment on mental health, resilience and thriving in an increasingly virtual world through articles, videos and weekly live webinars. Sessions are developed in close partnership with our BRGs to ensure topics resonate across employee groups. A total of 26 sessions in 2021 attracted more than 8,500 views.