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Employee health and well-being

Our global well-being strategy

We offer our employees a comprehensive range of programs with resources and support for physical, mental and financial well-being and we support flexible work arrangements.

We believe it is essential to...

Create a workplace where employees feel valued and inspired
Provide an environment that fosters a culture of independence, inclusion, psychological safety and intellectual leadership
Support peer collaboration and professional growth
Our well-being approach
We are committed to creating a culture that supports the health and well-being of our employees and gives them the opportunity to flourish. We continue to integrate holistic well-being principles — encompassing mental, physical and financial health — into our employee programs and initiatives.

As a critical input into the creation and evolution of our approach, several questions in our Business Engagement Survey focus on evaluating well-being, including the ability to maintain work-life integration, understand priorities, feel a sense of belonging and perceive that Moody’s cares about employees’ wellness. Answers to these questions help further guide us in our approach to foster employee well-being.
Our new way of working with PurposeFirst
We launched PurposeFirst, an initiative designed to enhance employee flexibility and create opportunities for collaboration while continuing to meet our business objectives. PurposeFirst provides a decision-making framework to help leaders determine how frequently their teams should use collaboration spaces based on the types of work to be done, while also empowering employees to work outside the office when appropriate.

Moody's Moments that Matter

Our virtual well-being series, Moody’s Moments that Matter, provides employees with education and empowerment on mental health, resilience and thriving in an increasingly virtual world through articles, videos and weekly live webinars. A total of 24 sessions in 2022 attracted more than 4,300 participants.