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ESG solutions

We help to empower market participants to make better, more sustainable decisions.

Our solutions provide the tools to enable our customers — including companies, banks, insurers, governments, asset managers and asset owners — to identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities, strengthen sustainability action plans and communicate with their key stakeholders. Our mission is to provide clear, traceable and defensible intelligence that instills confidence throughout our customers’ decision-making processes.
Growth of ESG at Moody's in 2021


Year-over-year increase in ESG-related revenue (excl. RMS)1


RMS post-acquisition revenue, from September 15-December 31, 20212
1  Represents approximate revenue in (i) stand-alone ESG products and services, including our Climate Solutions, sustainable finance, research and insights products; and (ii) MA and MIS ESG-focused product enhancements.
2  Net of an $18 million deferred revenue adjustment.
ESG domain offering
We aim to provide comprehensive coverage in the form of granular and clearly defined ESG metrics spanning every major asset class and industry.
ESG Measures
Climate Solutions
Sustainable finance
Expanding our ESG capabilities
Throughout 2021, we achieved significant milestones in the expansion of our ESG Measures.
  • The introduction of ESG Score Predictor, a first-of-its-kind tool to generate real-time predicted ESG scores for millions of public and private SMEs worldwide.
  • The expansion of regulatory data solutions, such as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Principal Adverse Impact (SFDR PAI) Data covering thousands of entities, a bespoke ESG data solution aimed at helping market participants meet European Union SFDR requirements. In October, we launched EU Taxonomy Alignment Screening, a new data solution that helps market participants respond to disclosure requirements under the evolving EU Taxonomy regulation.
  • The establishment of two normative standard screening solutions, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Alignment Screening and Global Compact Screening, that help enable investors and other market participants to integrate the SDGs into their strategies and evaluate the alignment of approximately 5,000 listed companies with the sustainability-focused principles of the United Nations Global Compact respectively.
We also launched Moody’s ESG360 — an easy-to-use platform delivering transparent ESG and climate data and insights through an intuitive interface.
Climate solutions
The launch of Climate Solutions, our comprehensive product suite dedicated to the identification, quantification and monitoring of climate risks. In 2021, we expanded our data coverage of the physical risks posed by climate change with new sub-sovereign climate risk scores that quantify population-weighted exposure to floods, heat stress, hurricanes and typhoons, sea level rise, water stress and wildfires. The scores complement our expanding coverage of forward-looking physical risk data for locations globally, including scores for 200 sovereigns. In December, we announced the launch of Temperature Alignment Data, a net-zero solution that assesses how companies’ emissions targets align with global temperature benchmarks and tracks their progress toward meeting those targets.
Educating markets through outreach and research
We engage with the global stakeholder community and produce relevant thought leadership to help translate our cutting-edge analytics into actionable insights. For example, during COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, we engaged in a wide range of discussions to share our insights and expertise on the challenges faced by companies and investors as they seek to adopt and accelerate net-zero targets.
Throughout 2021, we coordinated a number of events and published thought leadership on high-interest topics, including:


thought leadership papers published on the ESG Insights and Analysis hub


total consultations submitted to standard setters, regulators and ESG influencers in Europe, North America and APAC


hosted events and 38 sponsored events on topics such as biodiversity, water stress and net-zero (with an 88% average satisfaction score in hosted events, above the global average)
Engaging through partnerships
Industry partnerships are a critical pillar to our engagement activities. Through our affiliation with leading market organizations, we foster opportunities to gain first-hand and valuable insight from market participants which, in turn, inspire our continual development of ESG and climate risk products and solutions. Below are a representative selection of our partners.