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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are working toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company and society.

Our DE&I efforts aim to drive positive impact across our workforce, workplace, customers and communities. We believe a workforce that includes an array of backgrounds and experiences helps create an environment that maximizes every employee’s contribution, widens the leadership pipeline and enhances our work, including the quality of our opinions, products and services.
Learn more in the Better Lives section of our 2022 Stakeholder Sustainability Report.

Our workforce

Our business benefits from the inclusion of many different perspectives. That is why we actively promote diversity at every level of Moody’s. We work hard so that all employees, from new hires to senior leaders, feel respected, included and empowered.
Global employee breakdown by region
Number of employees
Global gender diversity1,2
% female of global workforce population
Race and Ethnicity of U.S. Employees
% of employees
1  The data by seniority represents approximately 90% of employees (excludes certain non-wholly-owned subsidiaries and newly acquired companies for which this data was not available). The total breakdown by gender represents the full employee population. Headcount as of December 31 of the respective year.
2  Executives represent CEO, CEO-Direct, Exec Directors, GMD, SMD and MD level; senior managers represent AMD, Country Head, SVP and Senior Director level; mid-level managers represent VP-SCO, VP-SA, VP and Director level; first-level managers represent AVP-Analyst, AVP, Associate Director and Assistant Director level; non-managers represent Analyst, Assoc Analyst, Assoc and Associate level.
 Officers and Managers are calculated using the job categories: executives, senior managers, mid-level managers and first-level managers.
4  Underrepresented groups include employees who identified as Asian, Latino/Latina, Black, Native American / Alaskan Native, Hawaiian / Other Pacific Island or two or more races.
Inclusive recruiting
Opportunities for mentorship and career development

Our workplace

We encourage our employees to bring their authentic selves to work and thrive on their unique path to success. This starts with creating an inclusive culture, where all employees are heard, valued and empowered.

We are committed to paying all of our employees equitably and fairly. We study pay equity annually to identify any areas in the company where women or, in the U.S., racial / ethnic underrepresented groups, are not paid comparably to their peers.
Pay equity by the numbers1
earned by women globally2
earned by Latino/Latina employees in the U.S.4
earned by Black employees in the U.S.4
earned by non-white3 employees in the U.S.4
earned by Asian employees in the U.S.4
1  As of April 1, 2022. The population studied includes employees eligible for Moody’s compensation programs and excludes limited duration employees, non-employees, temporary workers and employees from companies acquired in 2H 2021. Employees from V.E and Four Twenty Seven were excluded from the analysis due to not being integrated into Moody’s compensation programs at the time of the analysis. This exclusion is non-material and represents 3% of employees.
2  For every $1 earned by comparable men.
3  Defined as Latino/Latina, Black and Asian.
4  For every $1 earned by comparable white employees.
Inclusion training
Supporting women through life’s milestones
Moody’s BRGs

Our customers

Our DE&I strategy encompasses our entire value chain of people and institutions. The Creating Opportunities for Racial Equity (CORE) initiative is central to our customer-focused DE&I efforts.

CORE aims to develop partnerships, share expertise, invest capital and utilize software and services to assist community development financial institutions (CDFIs), minority depository institutions (MDIs), diverse finance companies and diverse asset managers.

For more information, see our CORE microsite.
Developing partnerships
Diversified deposits
Shared expertise

Our communities

We work toward creating equitable opportunities in the communities where we operate through employee engagement initiatives and social investment.
Building our talent pipeline
Management Leadership for Tomorrow
Investing in Equal Justice
Mentorship opportunities

Our DE&I awards and recognition